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The Cost of Silence - Children of the Hare Krishnas

It has been brought to our attention that the conversation with Radhanath Maharaj was edited in a fashion that is inaccurate and incomplete.
While making this video we gathered far more evidence than what could possibly be included, hence much of it got cut out, which led to this unfortunate mistake.
We apologize for the misrepresentation.
The entire clip is as follows:
“You know, Varkesvara Pandit prabhu…The time I stepped in…The North American GBC ruled that he was never allowed to lead kirtan, give a class…or have a position for the rest of his life.
And that same penalty that I see on people who did horrific things of raping little kids in the gurukula. You know…even if you are guilty I just feel it shouldn’t be the same way. The CPO ruled 3 years and you know I did not in any way retaliate against that. When the 3 years were finished…he went through all that and then, the North American GBC made a new rule and made it for the rest of his life.
And I just didn’t think that was right and you know, I felt it is my moral duty to our society to at least speak what I feel”
End of clip.

Historically the Hare Krishna Movement has had an unacceptably high tolerance for child abuse. As a consequence, generations of children have suffered.

Krishna's Children is a project that attempts to address and raise awareness on this complex and challenging issue.

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Faith and Fear - The Children of Krishna