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Historic References
A Mother's letter to Jagadish 1988ViewDownload
Article about Bhaktividyapurna Maharaj 2003ViewDownload
Behind the scenes of the Turley Law Suit - by Yadunandana Pada dasViewDownload
Bring Dhanurdhara Swami back to the Vrindavana GurukulaViewDownload
Burke Rochford Kuli Mela addressViewDownload
Child Abuse in DallasViewDownload
Dhanurdhara Swami's Goodbye letterViewDownload
Hipocricy of ISKCON Leaders - By Gadadhara DasViewDownload
Hiranyagarbha Das (Jan Brzezinski) Dallas GurukulaViewDownload
History of the CPO Manual by Madhusudhani Radha DasiViewDownload
ISKCON Timeline by Nori MusterViewDownload
Official GBC Apology to Dhanurdhara SwamiViewDownload
Official GBC Apology to Gurukula AlumniViewDownload
Petition to reinstate corporal punishment in the Vrindavana GurukulaViewDownload
Report on the Gurukula of Bhaktividyapurna Maharaj - by Dhira Govinda das 1999ViewDownload
Sesa supports Varkesvara PanditViewDownload
Shakuntala and Krsnadevata's address to the GBC 1999ViewDownload
Turley Case FilesViewDownload
Urmila dasi on child abuse in ISKCONViewDownload